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Are you waiting for the zombie apocalypse? Do you live for the dead? Express your fascination with the undead with a decal for your car or choose wall art for a mural-style piece of art that adheres right to the wall, and can be removed without hassle. Our wide selection of zombie-themed decals ranges from a zombie in the crosshairs of a scope or ones that identify with zombies as friendly wanderers. Whether you want to exercise your inner Rick, or see yourself more as Negan, the perfect decal is ready for you. Designate yourself as part of the "Zombie Response Team" with these clever decals, or simply mark your car with a bloody handprint.

You will be able to find the car decal for your windows, trunk or car door that fit your spirit. Then look for wall art on a larger scale for your home or office. Find graphic images, zombie-inspired witticisms or a combination of images on the theme. Most decals can be ordered to size and color specifications. If you don't see the size you are looking for, customized dimensions are easy to order. Place your order online, or discuss custom sizes via chat, or by emailing, or calling (866) 723-3726 toll free.

Outdoor Car Media can adhere to a car window or car exterior such as the door or trunk. You can also place it on a boat, sign or other surface. The decal is made from high quality OEM Grade UV Resistant Weatherproof Vinyl. It can withstand sunlight and outside elements for more than six years. Indoor Wall Decals can survive the zombie apocalypse and so much more as they are not exposed to UV rays and other elements that outdoor decals have to endure. Wall decals are easy to remove and won't damage walls or paint. The art is like a mural, and can be used in rentals, or rooms where the décor gets refreshed seasonally.

219 Results
219 Results
10% off on all Orders Promo THANKS17 *