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Custom Vinyl Decal

Custom Vinyl Decal

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Questions & Answers about Custom Vinyl Decal

Q: I have some images I'm wanting printed onto self-adhesive vinyl. Are you guys able to print images onto adhesive vinyl?
A: Thanks for your interest in our products! :) Our decals all come with adhesive on them for a perfect application. Email over your images you had in mind as well as the size and we can help with the process if needed.
Q: Can you do multi colors?
A: We absolutely can! We have our custom multi colored die cut decals available here: and our full color stickers here:
Q: Hi, I was wondering if you guys had a preference on the color scheme of the image files for vinyls. I'm looking for outdoor while vinyl stickers. Does the submitted picture /need/ to be white with transparent background, or is it okay if the background is white, or if the whole thing is inverted? (ie black logo/white or transparent background).
A: We do prefer a vector formatted image for all of our decals, and as a single color decal, the vector image can be in any color :) If all you have is a raster format, a 2 color Black-on-White is easiest for our artists to trace, though if the image is too detailed we may still need that vector format, which we can have our artists recreate for a small setup fee.
Q: How do you place the decals in the window?
A: Decal application is easy! Simply slowly remove the backing paper ensuring that your full decal sticks to the transfer tape. Then apply the decal with the tape to your surface, and smooth it out with your Squeegee or a credit card to help press the decal onto your surface. Then slowly remove the transfer tape and your decal should stick to your surface!
Q: We also have helpful videos available on our website if you'd like to see more:

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Get your custom decal here! :) All decal images must be in .eps or .ai vector format but upload what you have an if we have any issues we will contact you.

This listing is for single color die cut decal as a one off. If you want bulk rates please email us the image as well as the size and quantities you have in mind and we can email the bulk rates right over :).

We do not provide bulk rates here as we need to see the level of detail as these are all hand peeled.

Any questions at all please email, call, or chat with us!

Talk to you soon.

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Sticker Sale 50 - 3" Stickers Under $19 promo VDSPECIAL
Custom Vinyl Decal
Custom Vinyl Decal
Item #: custom-decal
Usually ships in 2-3 business days