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Priest Decals

If you're creating a religious theme in your home, a prayer space or a classroom, consider adding a nun or priest decal from Vinyl Disorder. These beautiful silhouettes can be added to any wall to create a lovely tribute to the leaders of your faith. Our selection of nun decals and priest decals for walls includes a number of designs, making it easy to find one that fits your style. You can also add these vinyl religious decals to any hard surface, such as doors, windows and vehicles.

Our priest and nun vinyl decals can be personalized by size, color and material type. In addition, you can contact us about getting a fully customized decal based on your own design.

46 Results      Sort A-Z
46 Results      Sort A-Z
Happy Holidays 25% off Single color Decals Promo Code HLD18
Priest Decals
Priest Decals
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