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Alien Decals

The best collection of alien decals on this planet is at Vinyl Disorder, where every gangly alien vinyl decal and all alien decal stickers are made of premium wipe-clean waterproof vinyl. We have scary looking alien decals and decals of friendly aliens making the peace sign with oddly shaped fingers. Find alien figures in dozens of poses, including stretching aliens that would add whimsicality to any home or school gym.

Choose decals made with car-quality materials for outdoor use, or wall material that's removable. With removable alien wall decals, you can decorate for an outer space-theme or Halloween party, and then remove them to reapply on walls in a space fan's bedroom or playroom. Most of our alien vinyl decals range in sizes up to 72 inches. And if that's not big enough, we can custom-make your aliens for even larger spaces.

Believe in extraterrestrials? Let everyone know you're waiting for the first contact by displaying our alien decals for cars, walls and any other smooth surface. Our UFO decals for car windows or bumpers are just the thing to let arriving spaceships know who to pick up first.

Are you a space enthusiast or sci-fi buff? Alien wall decals will help decorate any of your rooms. Complete your close encounters alien display with alien decals of handshaking murals. Decorate your extra-terrestrials DVD collection with a UFO decal. Your close encounters can be as close as your ceiling with alien wall decals from Vinyl Disorder.

Alien decals are great for kids' rooms as well. Create a space or otherworldly theme with our removable vinyl decals. offers a full selection of extra-terrestrial alien decals for cars, walls, motorcycles and other space lovers' vehicles. If you don't see your favorite Martian or little green man, be sure to send a signal to or call us for customization options. Shop the selection of UFO and alien decals to be ready for your own close encounter of the fourth kind today.

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Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Alien Decals
Alien Decals
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