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What is a printed die cut decal?

A Printed Die Cut Decal is a graphic that has been printed and has no background. These are the 3 layer transfers that some people are familiar with. They are cut with a fine needle then weeded by hand (the excess material is removed) leaving only the image of the design with no background material remaining. Printed Die Cut Decals can be made at virtually any size; but we try to keep intricate or more detailed designs at 6" or larger depending on how complex the details are. Printed Die Cut Decals are great for cars, boats, automobiles, walls and almost any other compatible surface. The give that clean, hand-painted look once they are applied.

Artwork Guidelines for Single color die cut decals and Printed die cut decals. A Single color or printed (multi colored) die cut decal must be in vector format. Our cutters use the vector lines as exact references to cut the artwork. Without that the cutters see just the rectangle box. If you do not have your artwork in vector format not to worry as our art team is here to help and can help show you a free live trace or get you a quote for a perfect vector recreation.

Sticker Sale 50 - 3" Stickers Under $19 promo VDSPECIAL
What is a Printed Die cut Decal?
What is a Printed Die cut Decal?
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