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Customize MeCustom Cornhole Board Wrap
Custom Cornhole Board Wrap

Custom Cornhole Board Wrap

Item #: cornholewrap
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Questions & Answers about Custom Cornhole Board Wrap

Q: I just wanted to see what it looks like before I order it
A: Unfortunately our website does not have the capability to show your designs on the cornhole boards just yet, but we are working on that! In the meantime, we can send you a proof of your artwork to your email! That way we can make any changes or get any measurements and we'll hold off on printing until we get your approval :) The best way to ask for a proof is to add in a comment, either on the item itself or on the Shipping & Payment page during checkout. Simply leave us a note that you'd like to see a proof and we'll email it to you as soon as it's ready! Keep in mind that extensive time spent in the proofing process may impact your order's production times & ship date. If there's any other questions we can help you with, please let us know :)
Q: I need 2 different wraps, one for each board. Would I have to purchase 2 different singles or make the double order?
A: With two custom images the best thing to do would be to place the order for the pair and upload one of the images then during checkout leave a note saying "I need this to be two different wraps and have emailed over the second image". After you get the order number email us that file and we will make sure you get both :)
Q: Is this one decal or a set of two decals?
A: Thank you for your interest in our products and we hope you had a great weekend! We can definitely help you out. :) The pricing structure on that item page is based as individual units. For example, if you select a quantity of 1, you will receive 1. :)
Q: I would like to order two cornhole wraps but one each of the two images I loaded. They are priced separately as opposed to getting the second on for the $14 add on price. Can that be adjusted?
A: The best way to place that order would be to place the order for the pair of wraps with the one image, and leave a note during checkout that you'll be emailing over a second image for the other board. Then once you get an order number, email that second image along with the order number and we can get it attached to your order for you :) Another way to get your order placed is to send all of your images and order info to and we can get a payable invoice set up and emailed right over :)
Q: Can you create a corn hole wrap from a wedding picture downloaded to you ?
A: We sure can! As long as the photo is high quality it will be no problem :) You can email it to us direct to check or place your order and if it is not high enough resolution our team will let you know :)

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Add almost any image to your cornhole board with Custom Cornhole Wrap Stickers from Vinyl Disorder. The custom photo stickers offer cornhole fans the opportunity to customize their boards with a special photo, an image of their favorite location, text or nearly anything else they can think of. Our wraps are printed 24" x 48" for cornhole game boards and are made from high-quality vinyl.

We do not cut out the hole as well to allow for perfect application.

Order a single wrap or a set of two.

Any questions please let us know!

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Happy Holidays 25% off Single color Decals Promo Code HLD18
Custom Cornhole Board Wrap
Custom Cornhole Board Wrap
Item #: cornholewrap
Usually ships in 2-3 business days