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How to Install Vinyl Decals and Stickers

Our free guide to installing vinyl decals and stickers at Vinyl Disorder will help you get the most use of our budget-priced premium vinyl decals and awesome stickers. Decal installation is easy when you know how to apply vinyl decals to cars or position medium letter wall decals. Our vinyl decal installation instructions include how to install die-cut vinyl decals and vinyl fabric decal styles on small and large spaces.

We're America's favorite when it comes to superior quality and low prices, and you can trust our directions for applying vinyl decals. We don't sell flimsy decals that easily rip or tear, which means installing any decal or sticker purchased from will be easier. Watch our pros demonstrate how to install decals in minutes by watching our how-to videos.

Learn the right way to properly apply vinyl decals and stickers by checking out these instructions from Vinyl Disorder. Simply click to get specialized instructions for the product you've purchased, whether it's a sticker, a decal or vinyl fabric. Learn how easy it is to apply clear stickers and decals. Each of the links below will take you to a helpful instructional video that walks you through the installation process. Pay close attention to the instructions for how to "squeegee" out any air bubbles from your design to ensure a smooth, flawless surface.

Our sticker, vinyl fabric and vinyl decal installation instructions simplify these steps so you can enjoy your new design as soon as possible after receiving your product from Vinyl Disorder. Contact us by phone, email or instant chat if you have any further questions about vinyl sticker or vinyl decal installation.

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Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
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