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Chicken & Rooster Decals

Bring in a little fun to your car, your home or any other place you hang out with these unique chicken and rooster decals from Vinyl Disorder. These are some of our most popular bird sticker designs thanks to their charming looks and versatile uses. Many customers love putting up rooster and chicken silhouette wall decals in the kitchen for a unique piece of art that's completely country-chic. In a kid's bedroom, a wall decal is perfect for a fun farmhouse décor theme. And when it comes to car window decals, chickens can be a kooky way to show your personality on the road.

Our chicken fighting stickers are also popular for those who support teams with related mascots. They're fierce and fiery while still being a fun way to decorate. Plus, you can customize them the same way you can customize any of our decals by size, color and material. That gives you plenty of options for using these rooster and chicken decals in fun and whimsical ways.

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53 Results
Happy Holidays Free Shipping on all orders $75 of more* US only