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Meerkat Decals

A popular attraction at zoos, meerkats can now have a place in your home thanks to our meerkat wall decals. Distinguished by their curious gaze and upright posture, meerkats will keep watch over everything that's happening in your home. From meerkats that are walking, jumping and standing on their hind legs, our inventory of vinyl decals is filled with various designs. Known to be gregarious, meerkats like to hang out in groups. Consider grouping a few decals together for a natural effect. You also have the ability to choose the color and size of your meerkats to fit your needs and decorative style. Fun fact: Did you know that as meerkats dig their burrows for food their eyes are shielded from the dirt and rocks by a protective membrane?

Sticker Sale 50 - 3" Stickers Under $19 promo VDSPECIAL
Meerkat Decals
Meerkat Decals
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