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What is a Vinyl Decal?

Single Color Die Cut Decals are the 3 layer transfers that some people are familiar with. They are cut from a wide range of pre-colored rolls of vinyl, Reflective vinyl, Neon Vinyl, and specialty colors as well. They are cut with a fine needle then weeded by hand (the excess material is removed) leaving only the image of the design with no background material remaining. Decals can be made at virtually any size; but we try to keep intricate or more detailed designs around 6" or larger, depending on how complex the details are. Die Cut Decals are great for cars, boats, automobiles, walls and almost any other surface. The give that clean, hand-painted look once they are applied.

Outdoor decals typically come with a gloss finish and are made to last 3 - 5 years in all weather conditions. Indoor wall decals come with a Matte finish which is preferred indoors as gloss reflects the light and will give a glare to your artwork which is not ideal. Indoor wall decals are made to last indefinitely as long as they are not in direct sunlight.

Decals can be cut Reversed to allow the decal to be applied from the inside of the application surface to be viewed in the correct orientation from outside the window. Reversing a decal will also make an image that is facing to the right face to the left—essentially mirror imaged.

Some decal colors cannot be reversed as the opposite side does not have the same color such as the following:

All Neon Colors

All Heat Press Colors

All Reflective Colors

Black Glitter Chrome

Gold Leaf

Gold Chrome

Most decals are single color but we can make them multicolored as well. These are known as a Printed die cut decal that we will discuss further down the page. Decals also can come in

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
What is a Decal?
What is a Decal?
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