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Camel Decals

The mysterious Camel is one of the most prolific creatures of the desert environments of the world, although they would scarcely live as well as they do in those harsh conditions as when they have a human companion to feed them some food and give them water, maybe that's why people think they have to store water in their hump!!! But despite what people think, the Camel evolved to survive the desert death with it's stores of fat in those humps for when it has to endure the extreme conditions and days without food, the humps are completely composed of fat!

These Camel wall and car decal designs are a nice addition to a "personal" swimming pool area, desert theme, southwestern theme and many more applications, whatever your imagination can conjure. How about this killer man riding Camel wall decal design! You will love these!

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Camel Decals
Camel Decals
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