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Peace Decals

Give peace a chance with the selection of colorful peace decals available at Vinyl Disorder. Once a symbol of anti-war activism, these vinyl peace decals can also symbolize a non-political wish for unity in the world. In addition to the traditional circular peace sign so prevalent since the 1960s, other images include a hot air balloon heart break, a tank with butterflies, Ying Yang symbols, slogans like "Love Saves," and a number of other peace design variations. Outdoor car peace decals are made from high-quality, OEM-grade and UV-resistant waterproof vinyl with an outdoor lifespan of more than six years. Indoor wall decals will last just as long if not longer than that. Every size from 6" length to 72" length are available for order. Plus, we offer a huge selection of colors to help personalize your peace decals to your tastes.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Peace Decals
Peace Decals
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