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How Clear Stickers are made

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Clear stickers are AWESOME! They really allow you to get the look and feel of a printed die cut decal for a fraction of the cost and at a faster turnaround. Clear stickers are premium as they do have to have a layer of white ink below the artwork to ensure the artwork looks vibrant on every surface. With that said we do need to have the artwork for clear stickers as a vector layered format to ensure the white ink is laid exactly below the design. Clear stickers require laying down a base of white ink, followed by a second pass of colored ink to make the images clear and vivid and if it is off by a little bit you will see that white and the end result is not perfect.

Clear stickers are a clear choice if:

(i) You want a die cut decal but your artwork is too detailed at the size requested
(ii) You do not want a white or other color border around your artwork.
(iii) You want the look of a die cut decal but do not want to have to deal with transfer tape to transfer the decal to your surface. Clear stickers are simple peel and stick!

Optically Clear Stickers

Optically clear stickers are another option for clear stickers. We get the question time to time "How clear is your clear?" When this gets asked we know the customer is looking for optically clear vinyl. This material is SUPER clear so you can hardly see it and is used in most high end retail stores as it is quicker and easier to apply then decals while keeping the same look. Optically clear vinyl is an indoor only vinyl but will last outdoors just not very long.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Clear Stickers Process
Clear Stickers Process
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