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Sticker Artwork Setup

Decals are great and have a time and a place but stickers are well .. Stickers! We love stickers! Stickers are vibrant and POP out as you see them depending on the artwork. Did we say we love stickers? We want you to know that we are not just making stickers for you but we are making them for us as well! We want only the best vinyl media as well as the best printers to bring this to life!

We digitally print our stickers with all state of the art printers using only OEM inks! Aftermarket inks might allow for higher profits but sacrifices the quality of the stickers. Once we print our stickers we laminate them for added durability and longevity allowing our stickers to last 3 - 5 years outdoors in all weather conditions! Our printers not only have Cyan Magenta Yellow and Black Ink they also have a Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Yellow, and Light black to expand the gamut of colors! We also have a White ink channel as well for clear jobs to ensure they are top quality. For the best color output we recommend to choose Pantone Solid Coated colors for your artwork as it will ensure the exact color for your artwork.

Your graphic uploaded will make all the difference in the end result. If you start with a low quality graphic the end result will also be low quality and enlarging to a bigger size will be very pixelated. For so we recommend to have your artwork in a .PDF, .AI, or .EPS vector layered format. If you are not sure if your artwork is low quality email it over to our support team at and they can take a look to let you know how the end result will look. We understand not all designs can be in vector format so if you are able to get the artwork create to scale of the size you need and 300 PPI that would work as well.

If you place your order and your artwork is low in resolution our team will do their best to reach out and let you know the end result will not work out and can show you a live trace to increase the quality of the graphic or give you a rate to have our art team recreate the artwork to make it perfect!

Getting sticker artwork together can sometimes be challenging so if getting files together seems a bit too complicated do not worry :) We are here to help! Do yourself a favor and do not read on, just send an email with photos and sizes of what you had in mind and we will do rest! Talk to you soon!

For tech savvy users what we need to print your custom stickers and get the best results are vector graphics. These commonly come in .eps or .ai format but can come in .pdf, .cdr, or .svg files as well. We need the files to be layered so we can use the outlines as the actual cut lines. For the colors we recommend using PMS color charts as well as those will hold most true to what your stickers come out as. When sending over your artwork you want to ensure everything is embedded into the file. If not, some or all portions of the image could be lost and the end result will not look correct. The main issues for designs unembedded into the files is the font used or any separate linked images. In Illustrator this is an easy fix simply Select All (Ctrl A), then Hold Ctrl & Shift and press the letter O. Alternatively, you can select all, click the "Type" tab from the top drop down menu, then click on "Create Outlines". For linked images, select all the linked images and press "Embed" at the top and the image will now be part of the file. You will notice this change as the file size is larger.

PSD files do work as well just please be sure to send the fully layered file so that we can try to convert it easily into vector artwork for you.

If you do not have vector files do not worry we can help bring your project to life with any format you have from JPEG's to GIF's just send it over and we can let you know what it will take.

If you have any questions what so ever please let us know.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Sticker Artwork Setup
Sticker Artwork Setup
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