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Custom Vinyl Stickers (not laminated)

Custom Vinyl Stickers No Lamination

Our non-laminated stickers from Vinyl Disorder are as inexpensive as paper stickers, but ours are made of extra sturdy vinyl. Instead of relying on flimsy paper stickers for classrooms, community events and business, choose our custom non-laminated stickers. We make it easy to order online at Just upload your art work and words, and choose the color, size and finish. Our graphic designers will produce your customized stickers in quantities from 25 all the way to 25,000.

Some non-laminated paper stickers start peeling up in minutes, and they tear easily. Our reinforced non-laminated vinyl stickers can last up to three years. Economical non-laminated vinyl stickers can be used to market your enterprise on products and sales materials. Teachers use customized stickers to reward students for good grades or a good attendance record. Instead of marking band equipment, camping supplies or sports team equipment with markers, use no-mess non-laminated stickers. Enjoy low-cost shipping with every order.

Pass on cheap paper stickers and opt instead for an order of custom non-laminated vinyl stickers from Vinyl Disorder. While these non-laminated stickers will not last as long as their laminated counterparts, they are still rated to last up to three years and will save you in cost. Our non-laminated custom stickers can be contour-cut or ordered in circle, square and rectangle shape options. They come in almost any size of your choosing and come in gloss and matte finishes. Our custom vinyl stickers can be ordered in small quantities or in bulk for added discounts.

Custom Vinyl Stickers No Lamination

Non Laminated Vinyl Stickers are a great way to promote any business large or small. Great for to stick indoor, outdoor, or just about anywhere you please!
  • Use your Logo
  • A file you created
  • Any Photo from your Camera
  • An image from online
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Get 10% off on all orders * PROMO code HAL10
Custom Vinyl Stickers (not laminated)
Custom Vinyl Stickers (not laminated)
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