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Cut to Shape Stickers

When you order cut-to-shape stickers from Vinyl Disorder, we will use only premium contour-design waterproof vinyl that's made to last at least five years. We are dedicated to precision craftsmanship for every project. Upload your logo, photograph or artwork. Then, choose your color, shape and size. Our in-house graphic artists can also offer expert assistance if you don't have a specific design in mind. We specialize in large orders.

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High Tack Vinyl (+20%)?example
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Clear Vinyl - Temporary Adhesive (+45%)?example
Static Cling Vinyl (Temporary) (+35%)?
Static Cling Clear Vinyl (Temporary) (+45%)?example
Vinyl Fabric (Reusable) (+20%)?example
Oil Slick Rainbow Chrome (+150%)?example
Reflective Vinyl (+150%)?example
Heat Transfer / Iron On Sticker (+150%)?

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Satin (+10%)?example
High Gloss (+10%)?example
Dry Erase (+10%)?example
Cracked Ice Holo (+150%)?example
Galaxy of Stars Holo (+150%)?example

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Please upload one image per item; multiple image discounts available through email. EPS, AI, PDF, JPG, GIF, PSD, PNG, SVG and TIFF accepted. EPS and AI are the preferred formats.
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How it Works

Submit your custom order
Recieve Mockup (if requested) via Email
Approve Mockup via email, production begins
Cut-to-shape stickers will promote your brand or your favorite cause at conventions and community events. Because they are custom-made, they make a unique statement about your business, team or event. Distribute custom cut-to-shape vinyl stickers in retail showrooms, at trade shows or at school or college campus festivals. Choose gloss, matte or clear finishes on weather-resistant laminated stickers. We can also can create cut-to-shape stickers for cornhole boards. We can create a printed logo on cornholes or use other personalized cornhole designs. Don't ever hesitate to reach out to us if you're unsure about where to begin.

All Vinyl Disorder custom shaped stickers are made of high-quality, durable vinyl that's weather-proof, waterproof and designed to last up to five years. All stickers come with a permanent adhesive unless otherwise noted. They come with a premium laminate material that guards them from overexposure to the sun and rain. You can order contour-cut stickers in sizes 2.5 inches and larger in gloss, matte, vinyl fabric, clear, static cling, clear static clean, reflective and heat material. Check out our galleries on Facebook and Instagram to see all the unique custom cut-to-shape stickers we've created: sharks, zombies, owls, unicorns and mustaches come to life when cut into sticker designs.

Promote your company or your cause with custom cut-to-shape vinyl stickers from Vinyl Disorder. Choose custom shape stickers in any size and shape. If you don't see the size you want on our list, we can customize to any size. Use custom stickers to advertise your business. They're great for giveaways, memorable events, or just for fun. We can use your logo, or photo from your camera or phone, or image from your online files. Create motocross family stickers, reunion stickers or special custom shape stickers cheap for giveaways at conventions or community events.

Need us to handle your design for you? Send us your logo file, and we'll get started on your stickers. Choose gloss, high gloss or matte finish stickers. Choose reflective stickers or reflective custom sticker styles. You can select clear stickers or static cling sticker styles. Sizes begin at 1 inches by 2 inches. Order 25 or 10,000. We get the job done fast and professionally.

Cut-to-shape stickers from Vinyl Disorder are the perfect way to promote your business, band, club or team. These custom shape stickers can be printed with your logo, a photo or any other image file of your choosing. They are then contour-cut around the design for a sleek look. These custom stickers come in several different size options and material types. Opt for a gloss, matte, high gloss or satin finish. You can also choose from vinyl fabric, clear, static cling, reflective or heat transfer sticker options. Bulk pricing is available on large cut-to-shape sticker orders.

Questions & Answers about Cut to Shape Stickers

Q: Can you make a permanent vinyl custom sticker/decal for a stainless steel tumbler? I would also like it cut out to shape and what colors can you do this in?
A: We sure can!! :) You are on the right page for that! :) You can order it directly here or email us direct at and we can help place your order for you :) Also there's no limit on colors!
Q: My sticker image won't upload. How do I place my order?
A: If your image won't upload for any reason, you can continue placing your order as normal without it. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after and you can reply to that with your artwork.
Q: Can the height or width be smaller than 1 inch? (ex: 0.75 in x 3 in)
A: We sure can! To get that size simply order the 1" x 3" size then leave a note during checkout saying to make this as a 0.75" x 3" size and our team will do it :)
Q: Would it be possible to split the order amongst a few designs (presuming I'd still get a few dozen of each)?
A: We do bulk together but we have slightly different rates and they all have to have one dimension the same so they all have to be 3" in size or 4" in size but as long as one dimension is the same we can bulk them together. We do have a minimum of 25 bulk per image but email your artwork and sizes to and we can get a quote sent right over :)
Q: Do you offer any samples?
A: We sure do! Just let us know your address and we can get you out some free in house samples :) If you have particular medias you want to see let us know which ones you had in mind. We can also print a sample of your image here:
Q: Can you print a grouping of various images "cut to shape" stickers on a sheet.
A: We sure can! :) We have our sticker sheets at
Q: What's the difference between regular and the tab and peel backing option?
A: The tab and peel backing option adds a convenient tab to make it easier to remove the sticker from it's backing! :) It costs 25% more than the regular backing.
Q: Will my QR code work/scan?
A: With QR codes, it's best to order a sample first here: to test it out. Many QR codes work best if the code is made in black and white, the highest contrast for the readers to pick up, not too small, and keeping it in squares. You may experiment but we cannot guarantee they will scan, and we recommend ordering a sample to test in person before a larger order.
Q: If I order a 2" x 2" sticker but my image is not very square will you stretch it to 2" x 2"?
A: No we will make your stickers 2" in Length (the largest dimension) and let the other dimension remain proportional. We will never stretch your artwork unless you instruct us to do so as a note during checkout.
Q: Will My text be legible on my stickers?
A: It depends on a few factors like the size of the text as well as the font. We recommend ordering a sample to see in person before a larger order.
Q: What is considered a "print ready" file?
A: If your image is rasterized to a single layer, then we simply recommend a minimum resolution of 72ppi at print size. If your image has editable layers then we would need any text to be Expanded (converted to shapes) and all graphics embedded into the file (not linked). If you would like to include a suggested cutline we would need that on a separate layer from the artwork, and a bleed of color (if needed) must be at least 1/16" beyond the intended cutline.

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No Problem! Order a one off sticker to make sure everything is perfect! OR check out our material types and order some free samples before placing your bulk order.
Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Cut to Shape Stickers
Cut to Shape Stickers
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