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Kneeling Prayer Decals

While there are certainly grand symbols of faith, someone kneeling in prayer is about as humble as it gets. If you'd like a reminder of the importance of prayer that you can see every day, add one of these beautiful kneeling prayer decals to your walls. At Vinyl Disorder, we offer a wide range of designs for these religious vinyl decals. Many have recognizable themes that make it easy to find a design that suits you or your family, including children, cowboys and solider kneeling in prayer.

At Vinyl Disorder, you'll be able to determine the size and color of your kneeling prayer decal before ordering. If you'd like to add further customization to any of these designs or come up with a religious decal of your own, contact us for more info.

49 Results
49 Results
Get 10% off on all orders * PROMO code SPRING