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Vegetable Decals

Cover your restaurant or kitchen walls with farm-fresh fruit and vegetable vinyl decals from Vinyl Disorder. From eggplants to artichokes, there are over 100 fruit and vegetable decals available to choose from. Each vegetable wall decal is also made in several different colors and can be cut in several different sizes. Pick whichever options will work best for your wall decal or car decal. Vinyl Disorder fruit and vegetable wall decals won't hurt the paint on your walls. They're 100 percent removable and can be used temporarily during special events and long-term in your home or business. These decals will last six years or more as they are made with premium OEM-grade vinyl and are waterproof and UV-resistant. Order yours today for great prices and fast shipping.

123 Results
123 Results
Get 10% off on all orders * PROMO code SPRING