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Twisted Metal

Since its initial release in 1995, Sony's Twisted Metal game for the PlayStation has created a thrilling experience of some pretty twisted derby racing. That thirst has spawned artwork that not only keeps the spirit of the game alive, but takes on a life of its own. We have collected some bent Twisted Metal graphics for wall and car decals.

Images of car parts, gashed aluminum side panels and metal mayhem are numerous. Choose from some images that are twisted by snakes, wrapped by vines, or fresh from the derby race with raw edges.

Decals are made for either indoor or outdoor use. Order your decals in a size that fits where you want to put it. Most decals are available in sizes from 6-inches to 72-inches in length. With these size options you can order one for your back bumper, and make it look like the metal is being ripped from your car. You can get a large decal to span a wall to create artwork inspired by the hours you've spent playing Twisted Metal.

In addition to size, you can also customize decals by selecting from a range of colors including basic black, or going bolder with a metallic silver. Choose from a number of metallic and chromed colors, or get a reflective tone to make your piece of art even more eye-catching.

Decals work on just about any smooth surface such as drywall or plaster, glass, metal, wood and plastic. You can put decals on the inside of your car window, on a wall, a plastic tub, your laptop, a boat, motorcycle or other surface. Outdoor decals last about six years, and indoor decals can last a bit longer. Decals can be removed without marring the surface, making the artwork ideal for rentals, office and cubicle walls and other locations where art might be changed regularly.

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Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal
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