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Circle Stickers

Want to jazz up your packaging, mailers and invitations or simply have something tangible to hand out to friends, fans and customers at trade shows and special events? Vinyl Disorder has the perfect solution: affordable, customized circle stickers. Bulk ordering means you'll save up to 94 percent when you place large-quantity orders of custom circle stickers from Vinyl Disorder. We can handle any size order, ranging from small orders of just 25 stickers all the way up to quantities of 10,000 and more. Like all of our products, these circle stickers are made with premium-quality materials.

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How it Works

Submit your custom order
Recieve Mockup (if requested) via Email
Approve Mockup via email, production begins
Simply upload your logo, artwork or photos with our user-friendly custom sticker system and we'll get to work right away creating your high-quality custom stickers that last. If you don't have a design, Vinyl Disorder can handle your sticker design for you from start to finish. Circle stickers are available in sizes ranging from 1 inch in diameter to 8 inches in diameter and are excellent for custom envelope sealers, calendar stickers, price tags, promotional handouts and much, much more. You may also order custom-sized stickers from Vinyl Disorder if you need a design larger than 8 inches or smaller than 1 inch.

We can turn your artwork into a long-lasting custom sticker featuring your choice of finish. Select from gloss, matte, vinyl fabric, clear, static cling, reflective and even iron-activated heat material. If you aren't sure which material is appropriate for your unique uses, simply click on the question marks next to "material type" or contact us today via phone, e-mail or online chat. All custom stickers from Vinyl Disorder come with a premium laminate that protects them from exposure to the sun and elements for up to five years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. Vinyl Disorder offers many other custom sticker shapes, including cut-to-shape stickers, for every vision.

Versatile circle stickers from Vinyl Disorder are just right for custom sticker projects. Our staff can use your art and words to circle-shaped stickers for your home, school or business. Order "Follow us on Facebook" social media stickers in circle shapes to stick to retail packaging or invoices. Order small ones with different designs to reward school kids, who can collect them and stick them to notebooks and lockers. Decorate a boy's or girl's room with dot designs. Add our circle wall decals to complement your wall stickers for boy or girl bedrooms.

Circle-shaped stickers are favorites for handing out at community events and outdoor markets. We use best-quality vinyl with a laminate that's waterproof and UV-resistant to make our circular vinyl stickers. The color, size and finish are up to you. We can offer steep discounts on bulk orders. At Vinyl Disorder, we have stickers for hundreds of uses. Order different shapes or colors for different projects. During the holiday season, our small round stickers are popular seals for greeting card envelopes and gift wrapping.

Custom logo stickers are perfect to use as free promotional items or to add decorative advertising to your packaging. Get the perfect stickers for either use by ordering a set of custom circle stickers from Vinyl Disorder. These vinyl circle stickers are custom-printed with your logo or any other image of your choosing. They come in many different custom sizes and can be ordered in bulk for a large discount. Choose from gloss, high gloss, matte and satin finishes. You can also choose from several different materials, including vinyl fabric, clear vinyl, static cling, reflective and heat transfer material. All stickers come with a permanent adhesive unless otherwise noted.

Questions & Answers about Circle Stickers

Q: Can you make reusable stickers?
A: We certainly can! Both our Vinyl Fabric and Static Cling materials are removable and reusable!
Q: Are you stickers on a sheet or a roll?
A: They come individually cut but we can make them in sheets if you need :) But at this moment we do not make rolls.
Q: Will my QR code work/scan?
A: With QR codes, it's best to order a sample first here: to test it out. Many QR codes work best if the code is made in black and white, the highest contrast for the readers to pick up, not too small, and keeping it in squares. You may experiment but we cannot guarantee they will scan.

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No Problem! Order a one off sticker to make sure everything is perfect! OR check out our material types and order some free samples before placing your bulk order.
Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Circle Stickers
Circle Stickers
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