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Kiss Cut Vinyl Sticker Sheets

Why hand out stickers one by one when you can hand out a full sheet of them? That's the appeal of what the industry calls kiss-cut vinyl sticker sheets. A kiss-cut sticker sheet from Vinyl Disorder is printed and cut, not through the paper, but to the paper backing's surface. Peel each sticker up without dislodging the other stickers. The appeal of ordering them from Vinyl Disorder, besides the low-price tag, is that these are custom-printed stickers with your design and text. The quality is also superb, with only premium-quality vinyl used for each sticker. If you have any questions, please email us at

  • CheckmarkStickers must be at least 0.15" from one another
  • CheckmarkBleeds must be at least 0.06" beyond cut line
  • CheckmarkCut lines must be 0.06" from one another
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Premium Vinyl (recommended)?
Premium Vinyl - Temporary Adhesive)?
High Tack Vinyl (+20%)?example
Air Release Vinyl (+45%)?example
Clear Vinyl (+45%)?example
Clear Vinyl - Temporary Adhesive (+45%)?example
Static Cling Vinyl (Temporary) (+35%)?
Static Cling Clear Vinyl (Temporary) (+45%)?example
Vinyl Fabric (Reusable) (+20%)?example
Oil Slick Rainbow Chrome (+150%)?example
Glitter Chrome (+150%)?example
Reflective Vinyl (+150%)?example

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Satin (+10%)?example
High Gloss (+10%)?example
Dry Erase (+10%)?example
Cracked Ice Holo (+150%)?example
Galaxy of Stars Holo (+150%)?example

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Teachers, retailers and children's activity center directors are big customers of kiss-cut sticker sheets. Kids love them, and so do grownups. When you're marketing your business or service with giveaway stickers, kiss-cut sticker sheets are the more generous way to reward existing and future customers. They're also a convenient format when applying your unique sticker to promotional brochures and envelopes. Instead of having special bags printed out, simply peel and press a sticker on each bag or package for that personalized touch.

Find a great way to pass out dozens of stickers at a time with the custom kiss-cut vinyl sticker sheets from Vinyl Disorder. Just like the sticker sheets of your childhood, these kiss-cut stickers come in full sheets with a paper backing. The vinyl is precut around each sticker and attached to a solid paper sheet. Simply upload your logo or other image to order your custom sticker sheet. Opt for rectangular or rounded corner shapes. These stickers come in a variety of finishes and materials. Choose from gloss, satin, clear, reflective and more.

We can help set up the cut paths for your stickers for no additional cost, but if you would like to include them please ensure that they are on a separate layer so that we can remove them for printing. The cut lines for your stickers must be at least 0.06" (0.15cm) away from the sticker artwork. If your stickers need a bleed, that would need to be an additional 0.06" (0.15cm) beyond the cut line. We also require at least 0.15" (0.38cm) between the cut lines for different stickers. If you have any questions, please email us at

Questions & Answers about Sticker Sheets

Q: Do you print fluorescent colors on sticker sheets?
A: We cannot print fluorescent but we can print any PMS color. Here is our PMS color chart
Q: How many stickers do I get per sheet?
A: The layout of the sticker sheets as well as the size is actually up to you! These aren't the same individual stickers like our other pages but left on sheets, they are meant to be designed sticker sheets, typically with different designs, like you would find for sale at a store. We do need a minimum of 0.2" between the designs on your sheet, so keep that in mind when you set up your file.
Q: Should I include cutlines for my sheets?
A: If you would like to include cutlines for your sticker sheets, we would need them on a separate layer so that we can remove them for printing :)
Q: Will my QR code work/scan?
A: With QR codes, it's best to order a sample first here: to test it out. Many QR codes work best if the code is made in black and white, the highest contrast for the readers to pick up, not too small, and keeping it in squares. You may experiment but we cannot guarantee they will scan.

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No Problem! Order a one off sticker to make sure everything is perfect! OR check out our material types and order some free samples before placing your bulk order.
Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Sticker Sheets
Sticker Sheets
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