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Life is short, so why not take it like our Calvin decals and just do it all naked. Whatever you love most, let everyone know with the Calvin wall decals. Cook naked, run naked, drive naked, dance naked, or anything else with our customizable Calvin window decals. All of our Calvin window decals are totally customizable, so if you donít see the words youíre looking for, email or call us to discuss the custom decal.

We also carry a wide selection of Calvin Pee-on decals, so you can declare your frustration or anger at anything as well. With our customizable Calvin peeing decals you can have the scrappy guy piss on anything that pisses you off. These Calvin Peeing decals come in both our removable wall vinyl and glossy car vinyl. This car vinyl will last for up to 6 years. Shop the whole Calvin and friends vinyl decal selection, including Calvin Pee-on decals and Calvin Life is Short, *blank* naked vinyl decals, to let people know you live life the way you want. Lifeís short, do whatever you want naked with our Calvin decals!

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Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
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