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Sewing Patterns

Our collection of sewing patterns is the perfect solution for individuals seeking baby room wall decals or nursery room wall decals. Available in a variety of sizes and colors which include bright and cheerful, as well as metallic, these decals will make a stunning addition to any little girl’s or boy’s room.

Choose from patterns featuring angels, clowns, butterflies, cats, roosters, ladybugs and snails. We also have several different teddy bear wall decals. All of our vinyl wall decals are die cut stickers manufactured with premium OEM exterior grade UV-resistant waterproof vinyl. They are designed to last six years and more.

Each of our vinyl wall decals, teddy bear wall decals and more have adhesive on the reverse side that secures them to your wall surface. If you require baby room wall decals or nursery room wall decals to face in the opposite direction, simply tick the reversed option and your order form and we will do the rest. To place these decals on surfaces such as bathtubs, bikes and cabinets, choose the car option when ordering.

12 Results      Sort A-Z
12 Results      Sort A-Z
Get 10% off on all orders * PROMO code HAL10
Sewing Patterns
Sewing Patterns
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