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Scarab Beetle Decals

Our inventory of scarab wall decals proves just how varied and vast our bug and insect collection is. While you can find popular bugs in our collection - ladybugs, bees and ants - you can find more unusual ones such as scarabs. Scarabs are a part of the beetle family and can be found almost everywhere in the world except oceans and Antarctica. In addition to black and brown, they come in a multitude of bright, even metallic colors, depending on their country of origin. Shop our extensive color assortment to customize your vinyl decal in the hue and size of your liking. Boys and girls who love to learn about, inspect or collect anything related to bugs will especially welcome the addition of our scarab decals on their bedroom walls.

Fall is here Free Shipping on all U.S. orders Promo Code SHIPSFREE
Scarab Beetle Decals
Scarab Beetle Decals
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