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How to Order Custom Stickers from

There are plenty of compelling reasons to make Vinyl Disorder your one-stop destination for all your stickers. One of the most important reasons is the superior customer service our company provides. Another is the exceptional quality of the products, which are offered at the most competitive prices in the industry. Placing your sticker orders with Vinyl Disorder is a snap, too. In this handy guide, we'll cover some of the frequently asked questions about custom stickers from Vinyl Disorder.

What is a vinyl sticker?

A vinyl sticker is a printed piece of vinyl with an adhesive backing that is sensitive to applied pressure. The use of vinyl rather than laminate paper sets these stickers apart since it results in a sticker that boasts a greater degree of durability and reusability. Vinyl stickers from Vinyl Disorder are less likely to tear and more likely to last due to the high-quality materials we use to create our products.

Vinyl Disorder's manufacturing techniques and materials are industry-leading, so the quality of the resulting stickers stand out from the crowd. The finest materials and printers are always employed to make these stickers. A detailed and intricate production process ensures that your orders come out exactly as you anticipated. Vinyl Disorder stickers are printed on vinyl using high-grade OEM inks and laminated with a matte or gloss finish for increased levels of durability and resistance to scratches. Every sticker comes durably laminated and will last from three to five years in outdoor conditions. When applied indoors, the lifespan will be even longer.

How is a sticker different than a decal?

While stickers are adhesive labels or decorations that are usually printed or illustrated, decals are designs prepared on specially made paper that's meant to be transferred onto another surface. Applying a sticker is easier than applying a decal, but decals generally feature stronger adhesives.

What custom art services are available at Vinyl Disorder?

Vinyl Disorder offers a full range of art services for our customers. You'll get assistance from our team of experienced professionals that can help you design your ideal custom stickers from start to finish. You can choose from our premade designs by size and color, or take advantage of Vinyl Disorder's personal graphic design services when you have something specific in mind that you don't see on the website.

What are the quality requirements for images?

If you want to create a custom sticker from one of your own images, then any high-resolution image should suffice. Send it off to our graphics design team and we can manipulate the size and colors to your liking.

What are cut lines, bleed lines and hang tags?

The following are the definitions for these terms:

  • Cut lines are the exact locations where a cut will be made to create the final sticker shape. Unlike many other sticker companies, Vinyl Disorder lets you create custom shapes rather than limiting you to squares, rectangles, circles and other familiar outlines.
  • Bleed lines are the extra spaces provided around the main sticker design during production. Essentially, it's a little extra buffer space to make sure we don't miss any part of your design. After the sticker is printed, the bleed lines are trimmed off to give you the exact sticker shape you want.
  • Hang tag stickers come with a tab attached. Usually, there's a small hole in the tab to use for hanging the sticker. This way, the sticker can double as a label on a product.

How can I place a custom sticker order?

If you decide you'd like to create a custom sticker, get in touch with our team at Vinyl Disorder. If you have the image you want (which can be a photo, logo or any pre-designed artwork), you can email with the details. They'll give you a quote and answer any questions you might have about the final look of your sticker. Any time you need more of the same design, just ask for a repeat order and Vinyl Disorder will send you an invoice.

If you don't already have a specific image you want to use, let the team of artists at Vinyl Disorder handle the design process for you. We'll take your ideas and turn them into a custom sticker design that you'll get to approve before it goes to production.

Don't forget that bulk discounts are available for qualifying purchases. In addition, Vinyl Disorder can also make custom QR code stickers for businesses or campaigns. When you shop at Vinyl Disorder, you're getting access to an expansive selection of custom-made stickers that are available in every shape, size, color or finish you can imagine, so don't hesitate to ask us about your unique sticker idea. Orders that exceed $75 are eligible for free shipping from Vinyl Disorder. Custom stickers are available for all surfaces and purposes, whether you want to stick them on your walls, windows, laptop or anywhere else you can imagine. In addition to stickers, Vinyl Disorder can also fulfill orders on custom designs for decals, banners, wraps, canvas prints, vehicle lettering decals and more. Regardless of which type of product you need, you can count on top-shelf quality and prompt, friendly and informative customer service when you order from Vinyl Disorder.

For more information, check out our custom stickers page. If you need any assistance in picking out your sticker design, contact us by phone, email or instant online chat.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
How to Order Custom Stickers from
How to Order Custom Stickers from
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