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TwitchCon 2023 Sticker Sale

Welcome to our TwitchCon 2023 Sticker Sale page! We hope you enjoyed the convention :)

Your stickers will be scaled to fit the ordered size proportionally based on your uploaded image, so if your image is not a perfect Square or Circle then the final sticker dimensions may be slightly different than what was ordered. If you have a specific size for your stickers, order the closest available size and please leave us a note on your order during checkout with that size.

Don't forget to enter the coupon code during checkout to activate the sale price! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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How it Works

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Recieve Mockup (if requested) via Email
Approve Mockup via email, production begins
All Vinyl Disorder stickers are printed on premium high quality vinyl have a thin outline by default, either white with Premium Vinyl or holo chrome with the Oil Slick Vinyl. We can print other color outlines for Premium Vinyl stickers but we are not able to print a full bleed using our Chrome Vinyl.There isn't a limit to the number of times you order the sale, but quantities cannot be broken up into multiple designs for this super special rate. If you have any specific information you would like the print team to know like how you would like the cut or just anything you think they should know be sure to leave a note during checkout with all the added info.

Orders below $50 (after the discount) will not receive a proof by default, but if you would like to see a proof be sure to check that option under the extras panel (Right Hand side of the page) or leave a note during checkout saying "please send proof" and our team will do it. Please understand that this will delay the production of your order until we get an approval on the proof.

Questions & Answers about TwitchCon 2023 Sticker Sale

Q: Can I get a proof?
A: Sure! If you ever need a proof, it can be requested by leaving a comment when you place your order at checkout. OR if your order value is over $50 (after discounts) we will automatically send you a proof. Otherwise, with the high volume of stickers we receive every day, we move your order to production right away with your files as-is!
Q: My sticker image won't upload. How do I place my order?
A: If your image won't upload for any reason, you can continue placing your order as normal without it. Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email shortly after and you can reply to that with your artwork.
Q: Can my stickers have a clear background?
A: This sale does not include our clear stickers but we can certainly make them! Check out our clear sticker page for clear stickers.We do need vector art to print clear stickers but we can help get that set up for a small setup fee.
Q: How accurate will my colors print?
A: Due to monitor/screen differences, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online. Order a one off sample if you need to ensure your colors are perfect. We print in CMYK so recommend to design your graphics in CMYK although RGB prints still come out incredible.
Q: Are the stickers waterproof?
A: They sure are! These are high quality outdoor grade sticker with high quality laminate as well. They are made to last 3 - 5 years in all weather conditions. If you would like your sticker to be smaller than 3", you can definitely specify the size on our custom sticker pages!
Q: Is there a way to log in and re-order from a previous order?
A: Yes, you can re-order a previous order from your order history! Alternatively, you can also specify that this is a reorder on the order page and enter your previous order # by checkmarking the option under Extras before adding to cart.
Q: Are your stickers dishwasher safe?
A: All of our laminated stickers will work great in the dishwasher! :)
Q: My image has a solid red background, can it be made without the white outline?
A: Of course! Simply leave a note on your order to remove the white outline and we can do that :)
Q: My Design is 3" x 2.4" but the size shows 3" x 3"...How can I get a 3" x 3" Rectangle or Oval?
A: If your design is an Oval or rectangle shape we will make it 3" on the longest dimension and the other dimension will remain proportional so you will get your 3" x 2.4" rectangle.
Q: If I wanted my stickers to be a certain cut shape, how would I do that and let them know what I want? 
A: Best thing to do is to leave a note at the comment box at checkout. Please be as descriptive and detailed as you can as the more info you give our team the better. If you ever need to see a preview/proof of how it looks before print, you may request that in the comment box as well. 
Q: For the Oil Slick Holographic stickers I have white parts or colored areas on my design that I do not want the holo to show. How can I get that?
A: This sticker sale does not included white ink in the print as that is more complicated and a bit more expensive. Typically printers do not print white wherever there is white, so we need to change it to a specific spot white color to lay the white ink. Anywhere without the white ink behind it will have the holo effect show through the color. Printing over the Oil Slick material with white is something we can do but it would have to be purchased from our specialty sticker page without the discount. In-addition to that, we will need a vector file so that we can update your white areas to the spot white color. If you still want to get holo stickers printed in certain areas white, you may purchase the stickers at directly here:
Q: With Holographic stickers will the borders be white?
A: With holographic stickers we have to leave a small border around the design so that border will be oil slick chrome and not white. We have to have this thin border to prevent the stickers from curling on their edges.
Q: Can I add my Name, Phone Number, Website, Social Media, QR Code, etc. to my sticker?
A: We sure can, but the sale prices do not include any additional editing to your stickers so you will need to include that within your file. along with your order.
Q: Will my QR code work/scan?
A: With QR codes, it's best to order a sample first here: to test it out. Many QR codes work best if the code is made in black and white, the highest contrast for the readers to pick up, not too small, and keeping it in squares. You may experiment but we cannot guarantee they will scan, and we recommend ordering a sample to test in person before a larger order.
Q: Will My text be legible on my stickers?
A: It depends on a few factors like the size of the text as well as the font. We recommend ordering a sample to see in person before a larger order.
Q: What is considered a "print ready" file?
A: If your image is rasterized to a single layer, then we simply recommend a minimum resolution of 72ppi at print size. If your image has editable layers then we would need any text to be Expanded (converted to shapes) and all graphics embedded into the file (not linked). If you would like to include a suggested cutline we would need that on a separate layer from the artwork, and a bleed of color (if needed) must be at least 1/16" beyond the intended cutline.

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No Problem! Order a one off sticker to make sure everything is perfect! OR check out our material types and order some free samples before placing your bulk order.
Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
TwitchCon 2023 Sticker Sale
TwitchCon 2023 Sticker Sale
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