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Japanese Geisha Stickers

Our Geisha's will have you worshiping the ground you walk on, nobody will ever know her secret, the culturally rich history of the Geisha is fraught with tales of female warriors as well as the most fair of beauties, the word Geisha actually means artist, so you will really love these full color illustration's for fabric wall decals.

When they are not dancing, these women whom are a real life part of the Japanese culture are practicing their traditional duties as well as the expression of the various art forms. These Geisha's are surrounded by water or making various artistic poses showing the spirit of the Geisha for your viewing pleasure. Also check out Geisha with sword fabric wall decal, Geisha with umbrella fabric wall decal and more.

We know you will love our high quality and unique fabric wall decals, they are the top of the line.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Japanese Geisha Stickers
Japanese Geisha Stickers
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