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Refrigerator Decal Decals

Our refrigerator and appliance decals from Vinyl Disorder are made of premium waterproof vinyl that you can keep clean with a quick wipe. Shop our line of refrigeration vinyl graphics, including funny sayings to remind family members they're on a diet. Our refrigerator decals can cover dings and scrapes on old fridges and freezers at home. Affix our refrigeration decals on restaurant kitchen appliances to entertain and inspire kitchen staff.

Because our wall decals for appliances are removable, you can change decorating schemes. Add a new look to kitchens in vacation homes or lodges. Order smaller sizes to decorate mini fridges in hotel rooms or dorms. Add a charming design to the refrigerator in a teacher's lounge or community center.

Refrigerators are one of the largest appliances in the home, making one a serious statement piece in the kitchen. Rather than trying to cover it up with magnets and photos, why not let your fridge stand out by adding a vinyl fridge decal? These appliance decals from Vinyl Disorder are made to make your fridge look like a work of art. Instead of being an eyesore, an old appliance can become one of the most attractive features in your kitchen, thanks to these decals.

Choose from a variety of refrigerator decal styles when you shop at Vinyl Disorder. Once you find the style you like, you can customize it with the right color to fit your kitchen's design scheme. Pick a size that perfectly fits your fridge.

Production & Shipping Times Have Increased due to overwhelming demand
Refrigerator Decal Decals
Refrigerator Decal Decals
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