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Knife Feathers Wall Decal - Vinyl Decal - Car Decal - DC6127

Item #: NativeDC6127
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1 - 4$4.00 ea.
5 - 9$3.80 ea.
10 - 19$3.50 ea.
20+$3.00 ea.

Apply this to your car, boat, truck, wall or anywhere you want. We can make this in a variety of sizes or colors. If you would like custom sizes please don't hesitate to contact us through e-mail, live chat, or call us 1-866-723-3726

We have the right media for your surface!

Choose our Outdoor Car Media for any long term outdoor projects that need a durable adhesive or choose the Indoor Wall Media for indoor fun allowing easy application to walls much easier and is removable so it won't damage your walls or paint. Wall media is great for outdoor projects that you would like to remove easily or within a short period.

Our Decals and Stickers are strong enough to withstand the elements.

Our Outdoor Car decals are made from high quality OEM Grade UV Resistant Waterproof Vinyl with an outdoor life of 6+ years. Our Indoor Wall Decals will last just as long if not longer as they are inside.

Get Your Decals Fast!

We ship out your order as fast as we can! Typically orders are processed and shipped within 24 - 48 hours not including holidays or weekends. Shipping is typically 2 - 5 days but we have faster shipping options as well. Worldwide International shipping is available.International packages with decals larger than 30" on the smallest dimension will have additional postage fees if you do not choose the correct shipping option.

Size and Colors.

We have a wide variety of colors available in Outdoor Car Media, Indoor Wall Media. Heat Media for garments, as well as Specialty Medias. Not all colors are offered online but can be ordered through our e-mail support or Live Chat team. We can cut these decals much larger or smaller in most cases. If you have specific sizes please contact us and we can arrange to make it fit your specifications.

Regular or Reversed?

Most Outdoor Car decals are applied to the outside of the window and are ordered as regular. Reversed is great for getting a reversed mirror affect of an image or to apply text on the inside of your window facing correctly outside.

Customize the decals however you wish.

We can add text to any decal in a wide range of fonts. This is YOUR decal so let us know how YOU want to customize it. Additional charges may apply depending on what you wanted to do but we can recreate some artwork if needed as well!

Heat Press Garment Decals Available.

Heat Press Iron On Decals you can apply to most garments anywhere. Have us press the heat press decals for you or you can do it yourself. They are quick and easy and will last longer than the garment itself without fading. This is a special media available in limited color so please contact us if you are interested.

Matte Black
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Pink
Light Purple
Matte White
Rainbow Silver

Please complete and submit the following form if you would like us to contact you regarding your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • +What is a Decal?
      At our decals are all vector images that are die cut into colored rolls of vinyl. The decals are usually one color and have no background color. The background is cut away leaving your object to take that place. Each decal consists of three layers: the top layer (Transfer Tape) the middle layer (Vinyl Media) and the bottom layer (Wax Paper Backing). The Transfer Tape top layer allows you to grab the Vinyl Media and apply it to your Wall, Car, Boat or wherever it might be. Once you squeegee it down into place, you can then remove the transfer tape leaving you with a perfect decal. Custom decals are available on request please email us direct
  • +What is a sticker? stickers can be a sticker of an image you found online to a image you have saved on an old camera. Our Stickers are printed on vinyl media that can get wet and take the abuse paper stickers can't hold up to. We can produce stickers that are unlike most traditional stickers that are only available in Circles, Rectangles, and Squares. Vinyl Disorder allows you to choose from over 20 different shapes on our online sticker designer or we can customize the cut to contour around your design! If you need any custom work done we are here to help! email us
  • +What is the best way to apply a decal?
      The best way to apply a decal is using a squeegee. Take the decal and lay it on a flat surface and squeegee it so the top layer adheres again to the decal itself. Then pull the transfer tape back slowly at a 45 degree angle. Once the decal is off the wax paper it can be applied to almost any surface depending on the media chosen.
  • +What is the best temperature to apply decals?
      Decals can last in any climate but they must be applied at about 70 degrees. They can be applied any time really but this is what is recommended.
  • +What size decal should I get?
      This all depends on where you want the decal on a car you are limited to space so you might not want that big; the most common size is 10" but if you want larger the most common is 23". The best thing to do is whip out the old measuring tape and figure out how tall and wide. If things need to be precise we recommend leaving us a note during checkout with all the details.
  • +Do the decals have a background?
      All of the decals are die cut and one color. They are not outlined and they do not have a background the background becomes the color of the object you apply the decal to. The most common color is white because most windows have a little tint. Once applied the decal appears white and black when the black is really your window.
  • +How long will the decals last?
      This depends on the media chosen. If you choose the car media which is good for almost anything it will last outdoors up to 5 years. The Wall material on the other hand is meant for indoor use and will last for much longer since it's not exposed to the elements. If the Wall decals are used outdoors they won't last longer than 2 years. You can use the wall media inside your car and just order it reversed. This helps prolong its life and the decal is much easier removed.
  • +What should I use for my application car or wall material?
      You should use a Squeegee they are a must have to push out the bubbles and have a smooth application.
  • +How do I make the decal face the other direction?
      To make the decal face the other direction order it in reversed/mirror.
  • +How do I apply a decal from the inside of my car to face outside correctly?
      To apply a decal from the inside of your car window to face it outside correctly just order it in reversed/mirror.
  • +Will my windshield wipers affect the decals?
      They will not, they will slide right over the decals.
  • +I want a smaller decal than what is offered can you do that?
      Some decals we can do it some decals we can't. Most we can though just send us an email at with the exact item number and we will let you know.
  • +How do I remove the decals?
      The Car decals are permanent decals but don't let that scare you they come off really easy you just need to know what to do. The best way is to use a hair dryer or heat gun and the decals turn to butter and come right off. If you are removing the decals from glass, the method that is preferred and WONT SCRATCH YOUR GLASS is to use a razor blade, and scrape with the flat edge of the blade(don't cut into the glass with the sharp side. Using both methods together is the easiest way to remove decals from glass.
      The Wall Decals on the other hand are removable so they come off just by peeling a corner. No blades required, but a heat gun or blow dryer helps.
  • +I want to add custom text to a decal ho w can I do that?
      If you want custom text, its free of charge on most items. Just leave a note during checkout with the text you want and if you have a font in mind leave that two. We prefer solid fonts not things that are too crazy but just in case please leave three fonts you would like with the favorite one first.
  • +How was my decal shipped?
      All decals are shipped out by USPS either first class mail or priority mail. If you want a special order shipped overnight it will cost about 30.00 more to the order.
  • +When will my decal arrive?
      The decals are usually processed within 24 hours and shipping takes 3 - 5 days. With holidays it could be little longer.
  • +Do you ship internationally?
      We do ship internationally to anywhere in the world. ANYWHERE!!!
  • +If my decal came bent is it ruined?
      First off the decal shouldn't come bent but if it does you are still in luck. The decal itself isn't what is bent it is the paper below the vinyl that is. The vinyl is very flexible so it will apply and you won't even notice anything. Just be sure you have a squeegee for application and just follow the instructions as always.
  • +I want a custom decal how much more are custom decals?
      Custom decals cost the same as normal decals just email us your image and we will let you know if we can do it then we will send you a custom invoice.
  • +What is the return policy on my decal(s) / sticker(s)?
  • +What is the difference between a decal and a sticker?
      A decal is cut from a single color of vinyl and all areas in the image that are the color of the surface it is shown on, will be cut out and will show the color of the surface that you apply it to. Stickers are printed on white vinyl with the design of your choice. The image on the sticker will turn out exactly like the image you sent to us if it is in vector format. JPEG files have size limitations due to pixilation.
  • +Which material should I use for my application surface?
      If you are applying your decals to a window, mirror, car body, bicycle frame, coffee mug, glass or any other similar surface; we recommend using the "Car" material. (For painted concrete use our "Car" material and make sure to leave a note during checkout specifying your circumstances)
  • +What type of file is required for a custom decal or sticker?
      We require that your files be in vector format. These file types are: AI, EPS, and Vector PDF. High Resolution JPEGs may be accepted in some cases.
  • +How do I know what size tube my order will be shipped in?
  • +I want a custom decal. How much more are custom decals and stickers?
      It all depends on the amount of work that is required to create your custom decal or sticker. In some cases there may be no additional charge. On some custom orders there will be a design fee that is dictated by the amount of estimated design time required.
  • +How do I order a custom decal or sticker?
  • +What is the difference between the Car material and the Wall material?
      Our "Car" materials have a strong-bonding solvent based adhesive that is used for many surfaces and is made to withstand the sun and elements for 5 years. It generally has a high gloss. We do not recommend "Car" material for use on interior walls because they tend to pull paint off when they are removed. An exception would be a painted concrete wall, as the bond between the paint and concrete is stronger than that of drywall.
      Our "Wall" materials have a water based adhesive that is safe to use on interior walls, and more delicate surfaces, and are easier to be removed. They're also a great use for a temporary decoration solution.
  • +How do I join the Street Team?
      Please refer to our Street Team page: Click Here
  • +How do I get free stickers?
      You can receive free Vinyl Disorder stickers and decals by joining our Street Team Click Here, or writing a blog review about our company.
  • +What is a Vector image?
      A vector image is an image that is saved in a specific format so that the layers of the image can be modified.
  • +What can I not apply my decal or sticker to?
      Surfaces that we recommend not applying decals and stickers to are but not limited to: fibrous cloth, rough grain-unpolished wood or surfaces with a powdery or dusty film.
  • +There are bubbles in my decal / sticker. What do I do?
      Bubbles are a result of not using the proper tools during installation Click Here, and can also be a result of your surface being too hot when you applied the decal. Removing bubbles from your decal or sticker is simple as long as the bubble is less than half an inch, and you have the proper tool Click Here. Just simply poke a tiny hole and gently work out the bubble using your finger. Be careful not to crease the vinyl as you're working out the bubble.
  • +The edges of my decal are coming up. What do I do?
      This should only occur when applying wall decals to highly textured walls or surfaces. Generally you should need only use your fingers to work the decal into the crevices of the surface. If need be you can use a tiny bit of glue stick to keep that area down. If you are planning on making your decal or sticker.
  • +A piece of my decal is missing, or I lost a piece. What do I do?
      In most cases if you lost a piece that is not attached to the main part of your image, a replacement piece can be sent out to quickly and easily to fix the error. If a piece is missing from your decal upon reception of your order. We can either send out the piece that is missing, or we can replace the decal depending on the circumstance.
  • +I ripped a word while applying my quote. Do I have to buy a new one?
      As long as the word you lost is not attached to the main part of your decal, the word or part of a word can be easily replaced at little or no cost to you.
  • +What is the LENGTH when I order my decal or sticker?
      Length refers to the longest side of your decal. For example: If you order a rectangle, your length will be the longest side of the rectangle, and the short sides will be whatever size your decal scales out to be in order to retain the proper aspect ratio. A square image would be the same length on all sides, and circle lengths are the diameter.
  • +I am having trouble checking out. What do I do?
      If you are having trouble using the online shopping cart you can call our toll free number 1-866-723-3726 and pay with a credit card over the phone, or you can send a request via email for an invoice to be sent.
  • +I am ordering internationally. What do I do if my country is not listed?
      Please contact our sales team at, and we will be able to provide the proper shipping method and cost for you.
  • +Where do I go to find a custom font?
      Please go to and choose from any of their free to download fonts. (Please keep in mind that some fonts may be too detailed to use with the size you requested)
  • +What kind of fonts should I avoid?
      Avoid using fonts that have too many sharp points, severe pitting, or fuzzy edges. These can be too hard for our machines to cut, and tend to be too time consuming, and are not cost effective. Some fonts can be modified to work for your decal, but require an additional design fee.
  • +My question was not answered. Who should I contact?
      Please contact our support team at: or call Toll Free: (866) 723-3726 9am.-5pm. Monday - Friday Pacific Time.
  • +My viewing page keeps getting a script error. Why?
      Some of our categories have over a thousand images, and can have too much information for your bandwidth or computer to load. Try viewing one page at a time.
  • +I would like to zoom in further. How do I do that?
      This can be easily achieved by holding Ctrl on your keyboard and either scrolling up or pressing the (+) key. To zoom out, continue to hold Ctrl, and scroll down or press the (-) key. To get back to the default viewing distance, hold Ctrl and press the number 0 key.
  • +How do I receive a discount on future orders?
      After you place your first order with us you will receive a promotional code via email that will be applicable to your future orders.
  • +I have a wholesale license. How do I set up an account?
      Please contact our sales department at: with your wholesale information and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.
  • +I am having trouble installing my decal. What do I do?
      We do offer discounts on orders over certain quantities depending on the size of the decal or sticker, the detail involved in the sticker, and the amount that you are planning on purchasing.
  • +I am looking to order decals for my sports team. Are there discounts on bulk orders?
      Please contact our sales department at: with your wholesale information and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.
  • +I would like to set up a business account. Who do I contact?
      To set up a business account please contact our Sales Department at: or call our Toll Free Number (866) 723-3726.
  • +When will my order be processed and shipped?
      Orders are received 24 hours a day, but are only processed during our normal business hours. Orders received between Friday and Sunday evening will be processed on Monday. Please allow 1-2 days for production depending on the size of your order, and the detail involved. Orders will be shipped out as soon as production is complete. Everything is sent USPS First Class Mail 2-5 days by default. Other shipping methods are available, and include additional cost.
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I wanted you to know you made my week and got my weekend off to a great start. I received the package from you today. The Decals you made for me ... read more


Just wanted to say a big thank you! my wall decal came, and it was perfect in everyway! Thanks so much, i will definitely be back !! ... read more

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You guys rock! If you were closer I'd send doughnuts!!!! ... read more

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